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Private Events at the Brew Pub

The private room at our Italian Village Brew Pub is an intimate space best suited to small groups who want a designated space for a sit-down meal, a small gathering of friends, or a business meeting.  


The room is approximately 18.5 feet long by 12 feet wide and has a formal dining table that can seat 12 comfortably.  A sliding barn-style door offers privacy from the remainder of the brew pub, and groups using the room will have a dedicated server to manage food and drink orders.


Room rental is currently only available during normal business hours. 


Moderate decorations are allowed; please do not use pins, nails or tacks on the walls. If you wish to hang something on the walls please review your plan and methods with our event organizer before your event. No decorations are to be hung on the mural wall at the back of the room. Please no glitter or confetti. 

If you prefer, you can play your own music and video imaging during your event. The room contains a large TV with HDMI and Wifi for presentations or music streaming. You can bring in your own portable speaker or other small device as well.  



We will reserve tables for parties of eight or more guests. Send us an email at or fill out the form below if you are interested in making a large party reservation! Please note there is an automatic gratuity of 20% added to parties of eight or more.


119 E 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43201

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